Best Places to Stand Up Paddle Board in Canada

Best Places to Stand Up Paddle Board in Canada

Canada is a vast country with breathtaking scenery more than just the abundance of wildlife, steep mountains awaiting adventure and boundless lakes ready to cool you off after a long summer day.  

The great outdoors is one of Canada's great attributes, and believe us when we say there will be countless moments to take your breath away as you cruise on your stand-up paddle board (SUP) down one of the many fresh lakes Canada offers. 

Both beginner and experienced paddlers will find something amazing to explore in Canada, and we are here to guide the way!

Let’s explore some of the best places to SUP in Canada. 


  • Lake Manicouagan: Quebec 

    Lake Manicouagan in Quebec is a natural phenomenon, best known for being the impact of a meteor that struck the ground over 200 million years ago. Since then, fresh rainwater has filled the crater and has become home to wildlife.  

    This is an incredibly calm body of water for a paddle and features stunning rock formations awaiting exploration as you paddle through.  


  • Sleeping Giant Provincial Park: Ontario

    Sleeping Giant Provincial Park is a picturesque park on Ontario's Sibley Peninsula, in Thunder Bay. This provincial park features a popular stand-up paddle board route, which stretches from Silver Islet to the Southern tip of the park. 

    At the very tip of the park, you will be greeted by a breathtaking view of Lake Superior, a diverse wildlife population, camping, and cabins as you overlook the beautiful lake. Unique rock formations are the true staple of this destination, allowing you to test your adventurous side with cliff jumping. 


  • Moraine Lake: Alberta

    If you have ever wanted to visit Banff, this is your chance to do just that while stand-up paddle boarding! Moraine Lake is a glacially-fed lake in Banff National Park that exudes bright turquoise waters and scenery beyond belief. 

    The lake is surrounded by distinct mountains and rock formations, and the water itself is incredibly calm, making it ideal for paddle boarding. 


  • Kalamalka Lake: British Columbia

    Another key stand-up paddle board destination on the West Coast of Canada, is Kalamalka Lake in British Columbia.  

    Frequently known as the “Lake of a Thousand Colours”, Kalamalka Lake embodies a distinct feature where the lake’s colours range from bright cyan to deep indigo depending on the various seasons. 

    When it comes to stand-up paddle boarding, this lake features an abundance of beaches, resorts and national parks awaiting exploration as you cruise down the relatively calm waters to your next adventure. 


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