Top 4 Best Hiking Trails in Christina Lake, British Columbia

Top 4 Best Hiking Trails in Christina Lake, British Columbia

Christina Lake is located on the Western edge of the South Kootenays in British Columbia, where it is the ideal location for all those looking to indulge in various outdoor activities that each season welcomes. 

The sprawling acreage that Christina Lake encompasses features beautiful sandy beaches for those who want to cool down from the summer heat, 9 and 18-hole golf courses, and a plethora of hiking trails for those who want to test out their biking or horseback riding skills. 

Needless to say, Christina Lake offers something for everybody!

If you are a hiker or outdoor enthusiast in search of the best hiking trails that Christina Lake offers, you have come to the right place.  

Continue reading to explore the top 4 best hiking trails of all skill levels in the Christina Lake area that will both challenge and excite you. 

  • Columbia and Western Rail Trail: Cascade 

  • The Columbia and Western Rail Trail is a historic hiking trail that is jam-packed with hidden gems waiting to be discovered. The trail runs from Castlegar to Midway, and follows the abandoned Canadian Pacific Boundary Subdivision.  

    From the 5.1km point-to-point trail near Christina Lake, the trail encompasses Cascade and features a beautiful view of the Kettle River, various bridges and complete access to the river if you are looking to take a dip during your hike. 

    The trail itself is fairly flat making it a great option for running, walking or biking and suitable for children of all ages. 

    Length: 5.1km 

    Time to Complete: 1 hour and 30 minutes

    Route Type: Point to Point

    Difficulty: Easy  

  • Deer Point Trail 

  • If you are looking for a trail that is easy in pace but moderately challenging, Christina Lake via Deer Point Trail is the one for you. This trail begins with a steep uphill climb at the start before flattening out at the 1.5km mark. This trail is jam-packed with beautiful views from start to finish, and will no doubt encourage the inner adventurer in you to go on more hikes like this one.

    This secluded trail features quiet and shaded wooded areas that are ideal for backpacking, camping, hiking and trail running. 

    Test out your adventurous side with this trail. 

    Length: 23.3km 

    Time to Complete: 7 hours

    Route Type: Out & Back

    Difficulty: Moderate 

  • Cascade Falls

  • If you are seeking an easy trail with views beyond belief, Cascade Falls is the perfect place to get started. 

    Cascade Falls features numerous trails to explore, all featuring distinct and breathtaking views of the river, falls and gorge that are all encompassed by remarkable rock formations. 

    The trail’s loop allows you to follow the trail seamlessly, and explore what awaits at every corner. 

    Perfect for hiking and trail running, Cascade Falls is the perfect place to be one with nature and everything it offers. 

    Length: 1.8km 

    Time to Complete: 30 minutes

    Route Type: Loop

    Difficulty: Easy 

  • Mount Gladstone

  • Looking for a trail that challenges you? Let Mount Gladstone lead the way! 

    Mount Gladstone is a well-defined trail at the start, allowing you to start off nice and easy before being introduced to the rocky terrain and beautiful tree canopy at the 4.5km mark. 

    Venturing through the woods, Mount Gladstone opens up to a beautiful open clearing that features views unlike any other. On a clear day, you have a direct view of Christina Lake and the Arrow Lakes in all directions. 

    This popular sunrise or sunset destination is well worth the hike, allowing you to enjoy its natural beauty any time of the year. 

    Mount Gladstone is perfect for those looking to test their adventurous spirit, and is ideal for backpacking, camping and hiking. 

    Don’t forget to bring your camera to capture the view!

    Length: 11.4km 

    Time to Complete: 5 hours and 30 minutes

    Route Type: Out and Back

    Difficulty: Hard

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