Champion Toro - Signature Series
Champion Toro - Signature Series

Champion Toro - Signature Series

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The Innova Toro is a great feeling overstable mid range disc that’s sure to win-over power players in any arena. And that's no bull! Just ask Calvin Heimburg. It’s his first signature stock disc!

A beadless and small diameter disc, the Toro, has the low profile and comfortable feel of a Rat. However, the Rim of the Toro is much beefier, like it’s been hitting the gym.


Developed with the input of power player Calvin Heimburg, the Toro was built to handle anything you put on it for short to medium length back hand or forehand shots. “Massive torque resistance,” is how Innova co-founder and disc inventor Dave Dunipace describes the Toro’s flight, which in layman’s terms means it’s an ox of a disc.

Heimburg says it neatly fills the overstable spot in between the 2-speed Rhyno and the 5.5-speed Caiman. It’s slow speed works ideally for shorter forehand approaches, especially in the wood, he says.

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