Hoochie Mama

Hoochie Mama

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t’s hard to master a sound you seldom hear, like the sounds of a cow elk. Well we’ve mastered it for you with the Hoochie® Mama cow elk push call. Just push the bellow for perfect cow elk sounds with that distinctive sliding note. A simple twist of the call lets you switch between mews, Lost™ cow calls and Estrus™ cow sounds.

Hoochie Mama bellows with the push of your thumb. Easy for the novice or expert hunter! The Hoochie Mama has been a staple in the vests of Team Primos and hunters all over the world for over 15 years!

Learn how to use the Primos Hoochie Mama cow elk call. This is without a doubt the easiest to use call that we make. The Hoochie Mama is capable of producing all cow elk sounds and it is completely operated by hand!

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