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Hoochie Pack

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You already know about the overwhelming success of the Hoochie® MAMA at producing perfect cow elk calls. Well, now with the Baby Hoochie® you can create perfect calf elk calls. It is a well known fact that bull elk readily respond to cows and calves. Often times a bull will respond aggressively to calf calls or a combo of calf and cow calls. When used in combination with the Hoochie® MAMA you can create your own herd talk that even the hardest to call bulls will find hard to resist.

Using the Hoochie Mama and Baby Hoochie Mama is one of the most lethal calling combinations for hunting elk. We have repeatedly witnessed big bulls responding to the herd talk of cows and calves. When sounding like a small harem of lost cows and calves, it's this combination of the Hoochie Mama and Baby Hoochie Mama that can even fool that old herd bull into believing he is missing the party!

The Hoochie Mama and Baby Hoochie Mama create the easiest and most realist elk sounds. These calls have proven successful and trusted by countless hunters for years!

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