Hoyt Pro Series Duel-Rod Sight

Hoyt Pro Series Duel-Rod Sight

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Built with the same precision as Hoyt premier bows, the Hoyt Pro Series Dual Rod micro adjust sight brings serious bowhunters and 3D shooters the ultimate in sight technology. Hoyt has perfected their Dual-Rod sight technology to include adjustable lightweight rod extensions for flawless peep alignment, precision steel .019 fibre optic pins and sound crushing Shock Rods to eliminate excess noise and vibration. This rugged and dependable sight comes with sophisticated and functional features, cutting edge technologies and an innovative fibre optic armour tube that's fully integrated into the carbon mounting bracket. This not only protects the fibres in harsh hunting conditions, it actually increases their light-gathering power for ideal visibility in any conditions.

Also included is Hoyt's compact Sight Lite to seriously light up the fibre optic pins in low light conditions.

The Pro Series Dual-Rod sight is equipped with the latest patent pending Hoyt dual-rod carbon mount for low mass and vibration resistant mounting, plus allowing perfect peep to housing centering for even the most discerning shooters and bow hunters for quick and easy removal and re-attachment without losing your sight marks.

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